1928: Mysore Sandal Soap

1928 mysore sandal

The State of Karnataka (erstwhile Mysore State) is blessed with high quality Sandalwood vegetation. The Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, who was always on the lookout for opportunities to promote commerce, science & industry in the state, had setup a science team comprising of some of the top scientists & professors of IISc (Indian Institute of Science) in 1916 to develop techniques to extract Sandalwood oil.

As soon as the technique for Sandalwood extraction was developed, the Maharaja commissioned a project and delegated the task to Sir M Visvesvaraya to create a new industry altogether, for producing Sandalwood perfumes & soaps.  As a result, the Govt Soap Factory was established in 1918 and the soap was sold under the “Mysore Sandal Soap” brand.