1973: Maneka Gandhi DCM Bathing Towel

Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s daughter-in-law Maneka Gandhi (Menaka Gandhi) was a fashion model who had appeared in bathing towel ads, which were considered a taboo those days.
1973 maneka gandhi dcm towel ad
When Indira’s son Sanjay Gandhi fell in love with Menaka and wanted to marry her, there was fierce opposition from the Gandhi family (Indira, Rajiv & Sonia) because they thought Menaka’s bathing towel ads were obscene & her fashion modelling career would bring disgrace to the family.
Even after Menaka promised to give up her modelling career, the Gandhi family were not ready to accept her. They suspected her intentions and thought true to her name, she was like a “Menaka” (celestial nymph as per hindu mythology), trying to lure Sanjay and sneak her way into the most powerful political family of India. Finally, after lot of persuasion from Sanjay, Indira agreed on the condition that Menaka had to change her name to Maneka and the marriage was finalized.