1984: BJP election campaign



Vote the right candidate in today.

Ram Jethmalani: Bombay North-West. An able parliamentarian and a leading constitutional lawer. Always in the forefront to safeguard the rights of weaker sections. A man of character and integrity. One who really worked for his constituency.

Jaywanthisen Mehta: Bombay South. A corporator from Bhuleshwar. A sitting MLA from Opera House. Takes up every important issue in her constituency and sees it through to the end. Now wants to extend the scope of her activities.

Pramod Mahajan: Bombay North-East. A fire-brand youth leader who is a force to reckon with. A man who believes in action, not mere promises. Organisation is his main forte. One of the youngest candidates to contest for the Lok Sabha.

Jagannath Patil: Thane. Few people have done more for the down-trodden of this country than Mr. J. Patil. A man who has fought for the freedom of press, and ensured that his constituency was always heard in parliament – he now stands before you.

Principal Manohar Joshi: Bombay Central North. Has served the city of Bombay with distinction for eleven years – including the office of Mayor. Among his many achievements, Principal Joshi, initiated the “Clean Bombay – Green Bombay” drive and established the “Zunaka Bhakar kendra” – offering meals for just 50 paise.

Wamanrao Mahadik: Bombay South Central. Is an active supporter of the working class. In his 17 years experience as a corporator, he has done much for the down-trodden and hutment dwellers, and is fondly known to them as “Appa”. A diligent, honest and forceful worker, he is a force to reckon with.

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